Showreel 2012 from Loughlin Dyer on Vimeo.


Intro Girl;

Illustration and colouring; by me

Animation in AE

Effects trapcode particular, video co-pilot Element 3D

Copyright Aristocrat technologies

Jaws game selection screen;

BG and cage; not me

3D airtanks, panels and arrows building and animation in 3DS max; by me

Bubbles looping animation using trapcode particular; by me

Copyright Aristocrat technologies

Copyright Universal studios

Thunderking intro screen;

3D thunderking; modelling and animation not me, texturing me

3D thunderking appearance animation done in AE; by me

3D title and animation done in 3DS max and AE for the shimmer effect and particles; by me

BG stock footage

Snow and rain trapcode particular; by me

Lightning AE base plugin

Copyright Aristocrat technologies

 Thunderking game screen;

BG clouds painted in PS; by me

3D Temple and ground made in and textured in 3DS max and Zbrush; by me

All symbol art made in PS; by me

Mountains made in Zbrush and animated in 3DS max, extra effects in AE; by me

Clouds stock footage

Scroll and text made in 3DS max, ink text reveal and burning in AE; by me

Lightning Wild reveal animation made with a combination of PS and AE; by me

Copyright Aristocrat technologies

SpringGarden game screen;

Symbol blow off and back on animation made in AE; by me

All art assets; not me

Copyright Aristocrat technologies

Fortune Fighters screen change;

BG trapcode particular; by me

3D screens with animating balls 3DS max; by me

All character art; by me

Copyright Aristocrat technologies

PPMP infomercial;

All animation made in AE using a combination of PS, AE and 3DS max; by me


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